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As men in today's world, it can be difficult to speak out about our experiences, our feelings, and our pain. At Apex Counseling we specialize in creating a place where men can be themselves, reach out to others for help without judgment, and experience unconditional positive regard and support while confronting and overcoming the issues that effect their lives. Whether you're experiencing divorce, issues with your children, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or something else, we want you to know you have a therapy-home here. 

Group of Friends


1 hr

$40 - $60

When four or more men sign up to participate, we will run the group for ten weeks on a weekly basis. This group encourages men to explore their masculinity, discover more about themselves by interacting with and supporting others, and experience fraternity and friendship with other men in our community. Men can get tunnel-vision and not seek out other male connections. Let this group be a remedy for this today by signing yourself up to participate. 

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